4 Pieces Set Drawer Underwear Fabric Foldable Dresser Storage Sale with 5 Set


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Our seamless and modular design boxes lets you freely combine.
Model: Clothes storage box
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Product information

Material: Non-woven fabric and cardboard

Special Feature: Foldable

Color: Grey

Item Weight: 80 Grams

Unit Count: 4pcs a set. Total shipping with 5 set.

Simple Setup: Open and zip up to use immediately. Unzip and fold back to stow away instantly when not in use. As easy as pie.

Multiuse: Closet underwear organizer has 4/6 different sizes of storage boxes including a 6-compartment underwear/panties organizer, a 7-compartment bra organizer (suitable bra cup: A-C), a 24-compartment sock organizer, a 8-compartment scarf organizer, and 2 extra stand-alone compartments for other items.

Snuggles Into Your Drawer: Our seamless and modular design boxes lets you freely combine, mix and match multiple boxes to make full use of your drawer space.

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