3 Tiers Cloth Hanging Shelf Closet Organizer 2 Metal Hooks Foldable 24 Inches High 30Pcs Wholesale


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With its convenient easy hanging design, you can put it on any clothing pole or mesh rack.
Model: Clothes storage box
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Quantities: 30Pcs

Materials: Canvas + Cardboard

Color: Grey

Size: 10 x 15 x 24"

Cleaning method: Wipe

Applicable environment: Indoor

Each items: 1 x 3-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer. 3 Spacious storage units help you classify your clothes into different categories or store your daily clothes for working or school day in the 3 boxes!

Open design allows you to pick your clothes easily and quickly.

Fit most closet rod with 2 sturdy hooks on the top providing strong support for the hanging shelf.

Built against sagging with supporting cardboards which help to share the weight and give the shelf its shape.

Canvas offers gentle care to your clothing.

Collapsible feature makes it convenient for you to store when not use or take it along for travel use in settings like travel trailer or camp.

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